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  • Discussion for Hydrotek CPHL5E1H Hot Link 115 volt & CPHL5DCH 12 Volt water heaters

    Discussion board for the Hydrotek CPHL5E1H Hot Link 115 volt & CPHL5DCH 12 Volt water heaters

    Q. Can the temperature be turned up past 200 degrees F.
    A. No. We asked the factory if they were willing to install a 250 degree temp dial and they stated no. Not needed or required. 200 is way safer and still works GREAT.
    I have to tell you I agree. I had a 250 degree unit in my truck and ran an experiment and wanted to see what happens if I leave it turned up at 250 on every job. I have to tell first of all very expensive as it destroys all the hoses, valves, o'rings, swivels, within a year. Very easy to burn yourself and your customers lawn if the jacket of the hose touches any skin or grass.

    Q. Flow switch is set to 1 gpm, what happens with an upholstery cleaning tool?
    A. The water heater will not turn on. You have a few choices: Purchase a high flow upholstery tool, install a 'rust bleeder' and trickle some water onto the driveway, change the flow switch to 1/2 gpm.

    Q. Does the factory make a vent stack to turn the exhaust out of the trailer or van?
    A. No, but you can purchase some fireplace vent material at the hardware store and make one yourself. You will also fine that if you burn kerosene instead of diesel the unit is almost smoke free.

    Q. What is the amp draw on the unit?
    A. The 115 Volt unit is 5 amps to turn on (surge) and 3 amp run. The 12 volt unit is 25 amps to turn on and 14 amps run.

    Q. Between the 115 volt unit and 12 volt unit which one is more reliable?
    A. They are the same. The 12 volt unit is more likely to be installed wrong and creates a shorter lifespan for some customers. He is what is mean: Take a typical carpet cleaning van installation with a gas powered carpet cleaning machine and a 12 volt battery. Customer hooks up the 12 volt unit to the battery in the van as the engine has the required 20 amp charger inside the engine. 3 years later they burn up the burner transformer! What happen is the battery got old and eventually was not supplying 12 volts. The transformer converts the 12 volts to 120,000 volt to ignite the fuel. Start supplying the transformer with less than 12 volts and this is what happens. Nobody makes a perfect battery so it will happen. Here is what we recommend: You take a double insulated wire from the van starter post and jump to the positive post of the cleaning machine battery. Both batteries are already grounded. Now when you drive to the job the van is charging both batteries. When at the job you now have two batteries running your equipment. Very unlikely to fall under 12 volt. As soon as you go to start your van and it turn over slowly, change both batteries.

    Q. Are these heaters available in a stainless steel version?
    A. No, not that I know of. For carpet, tile and upholstery use, we recommend a rust bleeder kit to filter the rust out of the water while it gives you the opportunity to pre and post flush the heater before and after each use.

    Q. Are any coupler or quick disconnects included?
    A. No, sold machine only. You have to purchase whatever connection you want. Machine ends in a female 3/8" pipe.

    Q. Are there any changes on the machine that are required to toggle between diesel fuel and kerosene?
    A. No. Simply just change fuels and even us both. The unit will even burn biodiesel or filtered cooking oil mixed 50/50 with kerosene.

    Q. Can the BTU rating be changed?
    A. Yes. Simply change the fuel spray nozzle to more or less fuel per minute. The smaller the nozzle size the longer the burn but the shorter the swing in max temp to lowest temp. Most customer fine the factory default nozzle is fine.

    Q. How many BTU is the default water heater?
    A. The factory installs a 300,000 BTU nozzle and operate up to 5 gallons per minute.

    Q. Can the water heater be feed with already hot or warm water?
    A. Yes, I have customer that use this as a last stage heater that only turns on when the water flows below 200 degrees F. Perfectly fine to have the inbound water hot. The flow switch could possible be shortened lifespan and I personally have not noticed any effect.

    Q. What advantages does this water heater offer over competing models?
    A. Smaller real estate footprint.

    Q. How long does it take to heat up once first turn on?
    A. About 30 seconds! You can lay on the cleaning trigger full time and the heat is super impressive.

    Q. With the heater work out of the box with every single 2 jet carpet cleaning wand?
    A. Both yes and no. In order for the heater to work the water must be in motion over 1 gallon per minute. If I purchase a 2 jet 12" wide carpet cleaning wand and clean at 500 psi, usually the burner will not light until the nozzle size is enlarged to an combined flow rate of 06, or dual 03 nozzles. If I have a 4 jet wand, each nozzle can be a 1.5 size. Please also study our water flow chart at The chart states that use pressure of 500 psi will will work with a combinded 03 size. I honestly tell most customer to just hook it up and run test with different tools and see what happens. What I do think is irritating is when a customer purchases the unit and then uses the heater with a default carpet wand that does not work and the states we shipped them a broken heater without performing any testing with different nozzles. All heaters are tested at the factory before they are shipped. If your unit does not work, simply change the flow rate of the tool.

    Q. Can I add the CPHL5E1H 115 volt unit onto a 623cc generator with the Mytee Escape PLUS quad 6.6?
    A. Yes, but please do not add any other appliances or items. The Apo of the Escape Plus Quad 6.6 uses 3 amps and does not operate all the time, only with the dirty water level is high and when it turns on drains the waist tank in a few seconds. The Hydrotek unit also is using 3 amps and also does not use this electricity all the time but rather only when the trigger is pulled and the water temp is below 200 degrees. Please only use premium or ethanol free fuel with 100% synthetic oil. Please do not use E85 or E87 fuel.

    Hydrotek CPHL5E1H Hot Link 115 volt

    Hydrotek CPHL5DCH 12 Volt water heaters

    623cc Generator

    Mytee Escape Plus Quad 6.6

    Mytee Escape APO
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