Question: I see I was informed this would be a challenging process as wires that join each individual rod element have to be re wired do you have a video or instructions perhaps?
Where can I find the parts for the conversion? Invoice number is 2048853 Best wishes Clearwaycleaningservices

Answer: I do not think much is needed in the way of parts. We do not have a video of the conversion but the instructions are simple.
A 120 volt version has each heating rod in parallel to the power coming in and out of each rod.
On a 120 volt version the Electricity travels black wire > switch > thermostat > heating rod > back to 2nd thermostat > out the machine on the white wire.
240 volt version: You simply take two rods and run the electricity in series. Example power comes in from the switch goes in a thermostat > heating rod > 2nd thermostat > 3rd thermostat > 2nd heating rod > 4th thermostat >back to white wire to leave the box.
The only way to turn on the heater is to turn on both rods at the same time. Turning off either switch will kill the current and turn both off.

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