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Can you make a 500 psi pump and heater combination?

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  • Can you make a 500 psi pump and heater combination?

    Question: I am writing to you to inquire about your product that I’m interested in purchasing. The product detail is listed below however I am wondering if you have the same unit with slightly different configuration?. Same unit but with a 500 PSI or higher pump instead of 220 psi or could it be made with that specifications or any other options similar to that and how much would be the price including shipping to Alberta, Canada.
    Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
    Clean Storm Hot Box Volcano 1750 Watt Heater With 220psi Pump for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and spraying 1800-220 [1800-220]

    Answer: The 220 psi pump is the only pump that will fit in the storage case with the heater.
    You can purchase an adjustable 500 psi pump and then place the heater next to it.
    Or an adjustable 1200 psi pump and place a heater next to this pump.
    See links below as we do not offer a larger pump and heater combination in one box.

    Clean Storm Adjustable 500 psi pump
    Clean Storm 20191130

    Pumptec 80346 1200 psi adjustable pump

    Volcano 1750 High pressure heater

    1800-220 psi Pump and heat combination