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Do you have any videos on Repairing Sandia Plastics and Clean Storm heaters?

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  • Do you have any videos on Repairing Sandia Plastics and Clean Storm heaters?

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    I do not have any videos on Sniper heat exchanger videos. Unless the heater was froze, they can be fixed instead of replaced.
    Frozen heater expand and crack the housing and cannot be fixed.
    As long as the core is not cracked, the heating rods and thermostats, solderless connections, and rocker switch can all be replaced.
    Known sniper problems, they changed the wire harness from 12 awg to 14 awg to save a few cents per machine about 10 years ago.
    We always but back the wires between the heater and the rocker switches back to 12 awg gauge. 14 gauge is too small. I sent and email to Sandia Plastics about the mistake but as usual the factories think I do not know what I am talking about and continue to do nothing to fix the issue.
    Using 14 awg wires behind the switches down to the heater will prematurely make the heater fail.
    You can purchase just the outer core if your heater is leaking or you can replace the heater rods, or other parts as needed separately to save money.
    All the part are on the website. If you cannot find them I can always send you links.