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Volcano 6000 watt Carpet Cleaners Heater

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  • Volcano 6000 watt Carpet Cleaners Heater

    Question: Hi, I am very interested in the volcano 6000 watt heater. My equipment at present is a Mytee Speedster 200 psi, not heated, and I use the Rotovac Powerwand with very good results. The problem is I can only clean as good as the hot water will let me. Since I have no heater, I'm totally reliant on the customer having their water heater turned up as high as possible. I really like what the volcano has to offer, my problem is with it being for 220 volt dryer outlets. What if the customer doesn't have one, what if they have a gas dryer? I know there are 110 volt offerings on the market, but many cleaners have told me to stay away from them, that they can't keep up with the water flow. Is the volcano 6000 available with both setups, two cords for seperate 110 volt outlets and a seperate cord for the times I have access to a 220 volt outlet? Thank You

    Answer: The Volcano 6000 does keep up with the use of a Rotovac wand.
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    Volcano 6000 watt carpet cleaning machine heater
    This heater will only plug into a dryer 3 or 4 prong outlet. If you want a heater that plugs into a regular wall outlets, you would need to purchase 2 or 3 of the standard 120 volts and just use them in series. Three 2000 watt heaters in seriers would perform the same as one Volcano 6000 watt heater.

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    Twin Heaters

    I currently use 2 heaters when I run over 100 ft of hose on my Recoil XPS. I works great; I use an EDIC heater off the pump; and a Valcano 2000 watt (that I got from a competitor going out of business) 50 from wand and man that setup rocks dude!!


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      I would go with the already setup Volcano. Make sure there is no leaks. I had Volcano with my panther 20hp in the early 90's.

      Left the burner on one time from one job to the next and wondered why it was soooooo hot in the van.

      Propane is as safe as you make it. Respect it and you will be fine.

      I'm still around.
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