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Electric heaters with cold water

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  • Electric heaters with cold water

    Can electric heaters used in the carpet cleaning industry heater water fast enough to clean carpets?

    Carpet Cleaning Electric water heaters are not designed to heat water from a cold source. They are designed to re-heat hot water to make hot water hotter while being able to handle the higher 500 psi water pressure. If you go to the hardware store and purchase an instantaneous water heater for your home that is designed to handle 100 psi, you will find that they take 15,000 watts of power to heat water fast enough to use in a home (dishwasher, take a shower, etc...) Showers are supposed to be rated under 2 gpm. This would take 8 outlets in most homes. A single 2000 watt heater @ 115 volts takes 17.39 amps of power to operate (on circuit breaker) As you can see it would not be feasible to plug into eight different outlets at the same time. A compromise is to use 220 volt electric carpet cleaning heaters like the Volcano 6000 or the 9000 watt system. Or two Mytee Turbo 2400 watt heaters hook in series on a 220 volt converter. These do a pretty good job heating the water but will not maintain steam from cold water. The kerosene, diesel, and propane heaters will heat from cold water but have to be left outside for use.

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