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Northern Diesel Heater 350,000 BTU

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  • Northern Diesel Heater 350,000 BTU

    When using the Hydramaster Drimaster upholstery tool combined with the Northern Diesel heater are there any concerns with such a low draw of water that it doesn't fire the heater to provide heater water for use with the tool? If so, how does one remedy this?

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    Diesel burner for use on upholstery cleaning.

    Diesel burners are flow controlled. In other words they only light to fire to heat the water when the water is in motion. The Northern Tool burner actually lights very easily compared to some other model burners used in the pressure washing world.
    I have had customer tell me that their carpet cleaning wand flow rate can light this burner at building pressure.

    Three possible answers:
    1. purchase a pressure side bypass upholstery wand
    2. Use high flow upholstery tools
    Example Hydramaster: Drimaster DM2 Upholstery Tool (New Design AW-84)
    Sapphire Scientific Upholstery Pro

    3. add a solution "T" or "Y" and have a portion of the water spray onto the ground or into a air duct cleaning dust downer


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      carpet cleaning with a diesel burner

      Question: To whom it may concern. I purchase a North Star Industrial water heater/steam cleaner157495f which was shipped 3/2/12. for Carpet Cleaning. Because it was listed on Steambrites Website for Carpet 157495Cleaning. I purchased all the requirements hose, pressure washer, fitting etc.. It took a while to get everything I needed but I finally did around Mid April. Now I am ready to clean Carpet and come to find out that the Water heater I purchase is not for Carpet Cleaning per the Manufactor1800-270-0810. Can you please help me with this issue. I invested alot of money into something that I was mislead was for carpet cleaning? Thank You for your understanding.
      Sincerely, Lorenzo

      Answer: It is not a carpet cleaning heater but hundreds (if not thousands) of carpet cleaners use it to heat water for carpet cleaning.
      Every single kerosene burner truck mount or carpet cleaning machine every built uses a pressure washing burner because the 'world of carpet cleaning' is a small industry.
      Does the heater work with every single machine on the market 'out of the box?' Probably not. You have to make sure that you provide the correct flow rate to the burner to make it work. This means that you will might need to install larger spray jets or you might need to make your machine a direct connect machine instead of suction feed.
      I do not know what to tell you because I do not know what pump or pressure or flow rate you are trying to use this burner with.
      For example:
      Step 1: Change the jets out to a larger size. Most burners need a between an 04 or larger combination jet size. This means on a dual jet carpet cleaning wand I would install 11003 jets to cleaning for carpet cleaning and two 02 jets for tile and grout cleaning.
      If this does not fix the problem try
      Step 2: change the machine from suction feed to direct connect (if you are pulling out of a fresh water tank). This is very easy to do by removing the acorn strainer in the bottom of your fresh water tank. Hook a 6 ft hose from the acorn strainer connection and bypass connection to a female garden hose swivel. Visit
      as an example.
      The bypass or return on the pump will need to have a hose installed on it too. Direct connect to the building pressure to use the 75 psi water pressure to push on your pump and make it work better. Suction feed machinery clean at about 75 psi lower than pressure feed machines. The by pass hose can just dispense the water back into the sink or you can add a "tee" fitting to have it suck back into the pump. When you want to suction feed, just coil the hoses back up inside of the fresh and and suck from the bottom.