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    Question: I'm having a problem using the volcano 2000 heater,where does each of the hook up go? Is there several ways to use it? could you send me a diagram or instructions

    Answer: The Volcano 2000 watt heater has a male brass QD on the end of a 6 ft hose, this snaps into the out bound female QD on the face of your portable carpet cleaning extractor.
    Your solution hose hooks to the outbound female QD on the heater that leads to the carpet cleaning wand.
    The over pressure hose either lays back into the sink or your portable fresh water tank.
    The power cord needs to be on a dedicated 20 amp 115 volt wall outlet or a 230 converter box. When ever you use a converter box, please verify the correct voltage is coming out of the box.
    Please note: While most brand have a female brass QD on the outbound water side on the face of your carpet cleaning machine, a few use male QD instead. You can switch the male for the female if needed. The important thing to remember is the water has to flow from the long hose to the QD mounted on the box. There is a safety check valve mounted on the 6 ft hose to prevent heated expansion pressure pushing back on the pump head of your machine. If you look closely at the side of the check valve, it is stamped with water flow direction.

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