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super hot heater over 330 degrees F?

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  • super hot heater over 330 degrees F?

    Question: do you produce the model 157495 ( water heater and wet steamer )
    in 220V for european market and do you have an european distributor? We would like to buy a Heating device to be added to our cold water pressure washer Kraenzle HD 10/120 ( 220V, 2,5kW, 120 Bar = 1750 psi ) to get a pressurized wet steam of approx. 330ºF and 1500 psi composed of 65% hot water and 35% steam. We would like to find a LPG heated model but didn't find any ( only Daimer super max that costs four time as much as your model ).
    Many thanks for your reply,

    Answer: The unit is only manufactured in 115 volts.
    It only draws 5 amps to start and 3 amps to run so a voltage converters should be able to be used.
    We do not have a European dealer, rather we just sell and ship direct.
    The max water temperature is 250 degrees F. set by the factory.
    You would have to purchase a replacement thermostat similar to
    but with a higher temp rating. 302 degrees F.
    See part #8.904-557.0 on above link as an example.
    If you are daring enough, replace with two
    I say two because I would not want to rely on one to function all the time. Both switches would have to turn the burner on and either one could turn it off. 330 degrees F.

    8.712-493.0 can handle 2000 psi and water up to 350 degree F. I do not know any parts hotter than this.
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