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  • Carpet cleaners Hose reel help

    Question: Hose reel use: or am I better off with this it has the hose already set up. I was also look at a electric hose reel, but it a lot of money is it worth it on 100’ of hose is what I used most of the time. I am gut the truck today to make more room and I will take off the ladder rack off also. I call you today to place a order. I like the 150’ reel and the water pressure hose reel it more compact than the one I am using and it has a drag device on it the one I have uncoil when I pull it out. **** in the but.

    Answer: I put this hose and reel together because this is ultimately what I found to be the most useful in my personal truck. The 160 ft works best because you usually don't need more that and it mates perfectly with 3 sections of 50 ft 2" + a short leader 1.5" vac hose. Then just carry one 50 ft section of hose to hang on the wall as an extension or to take the Goliath and use portable in a high rise. In extreme cases you can spool off vacuum hose off extra vacuum hose when you have to go portable. I like the triple hose reel set up located at
    Truckmount Live Reel System Triple reel no hoses, SBM68025, Hose Reels, Parts & Accessories, by Shazaam,  Truckmounted Carpet Cleaner Triple live reel system. Live vacuum reel recommended fill Three 50 ft section of 2 Id Vacuum Hose , and one ...

    The 160 ft reel is floor mounted in front of the vacuum reel and used for the hot high pressure out. Having ONE solid 160 ft solution is very convenient. I used the upper side mount reel as a storage garden hose reel. The vacuum hose reel is a live reel so it can stay hooked to the Goliath full time. One note about vacuum reels is that you cannot leave the vacuum hose on the reel during use or you will experience vacuum loss. You might want to use the vacuum live reel with 115 ft hose or even custom cut it or leave it at 165 ft. Leaving it at 165 is not bad because usually the average house, you will pull 125 ft and this leaves you an extra 40 ft to take off the reel and leave at the back bumper. You can leave the solution hose on its reel and it will continue to work fine. The exception is the first time. When you are getting the solution hose hot for the first time, have it un-spooled all the way. Then when you roll it up it is already in its larger state and does not stress out the jack being kept rolled up.
    The down side of these reels are they where made in China. This means the vacuum hose reel has poor assembly instructions. Here are some extra vacuum assembly notes. Add grease between the vacuum hose air out coupler and the where it rubs in the inside of the reel. Take the exterior bolt washers and add them between the vacuum flange and mating reel hub. This will add space between the these mating parts and allow for rolling much easier. Use silicone to make you air passage secure on the vacuum flange. Do not over tighten the "U" bolts to hold the reel to the top of the base. This too will help with reel spinning. Once you are finished with your project and feel you do not need to make any changes or adjustments, one at at a time loosen each bolt and add LockTight and re-tighten. The base of the "U" bolt nuts should be loose and secure with silicone to make sure they do not fall off. None of this will make since until you have to complete this project yourself.
    As an additional side note the double live vacuum and solution reel can be mounted close to the door so it is easy to roll up. The live solution reel will fin under this on the floor.

    Question: Visit
    AP Solution Live Hose Reel for Truckmounts and pressure washing 3 8 Swivel X 100 ft of 3 8 or 160 ft of 1 4 Solution hose, 9.804-067.0, Hose Reels, Parts & Accessories,   AP hose reels have been designed to perfectly balance ruggedness and dur...

    If I own some carpet cleaning solution hoses (1/4" ID 3000 psi rated) in 50 ft sections, can I use this as a storage reel?

    Answer: No. This is designed for 100 ft of 3/8" ID solution hose or 160 ft of 1/4" 3000 psi solution hose as on solid continuous piece. The joints because of the brass couplers and bend restrictors will make a stiff joint and it will not flow smoothly over and around the spool hub.

    Question: Please visit I am thinking on buying this instead of the tile tool need to tear truck apart. do you have this in stock and how long before I get this to my home.

    Answer: These are stored in Linden MI 48451. They are fully assembled and have to be shipped by truck on a pallet. This means that they are expensive to ship and we do not usually like to double ship these (once to SteamBrite and then back out to the customer). Super top quality reel. By default these are ****ted and you can pay extra for powder coating. The reels mentioned in the very top portion of this thread are self assemble reels while this one is welded together.
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