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Options for dust control on my truckmount vacuum hose

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  • Options for dust control on my truckmount vacuum hose

    Question: Im looking to find a cloth reusable canister type filter bag that would fit into the hydro filter metal basket, for when i use a turbo cat vacuum head. If you have something such as this, i would like to purchase one. Thanks, matt

    Answer: Please visit Mytee AV1
    This is similar to what you want. Large 6 qt vacuum bags with a barbed connection on each side.

    Also visit: Mytee G008 Piggie
    These are fine nylon inserts for a much finer dust collection for use on all hose mount vacuum filter systems.

    The other device that is used is a dust downer. These are used to spray water into the vacuum hose to turn the dry dirt into mud and are usually installed 50 ft from the machine between two sections of vacuum hose so the air and water have time to mix and turn everything into mud by the time it reaches your machine.
    The water does not have to be hot so you can also make a permanent connection by taping a tee fitting between you truckmount pump and heat exchanger and run the solution hose out 50 ft to the first vacuum hose joint. If you want a more permanent fix, order a section of vacuum hose with the solution hose inside of the vacuum hose.
    or make one yourself at your local hydraulic shop by adding the special hose cuffs at the end.