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Can the Mytee 7000S use both 2" ID and 1.5" ID Vacuum Hose?

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  • Can the Mytee 7000S use both 2" ID and 1.5" ID Vacuum Hose?

    Question: Can the Mytee 7000S use both 2" id and 1-1/2" Id vacuum hose?

    Answer: Mytee is not including any way to hook their 7000S flood pumpers to AH30 2" ID vacuum hose. You must purchase separately the H140 connector and cut (or unscrew) the glued AH44 standard hose cuff off the (AH30) 2" ID vacuum hose, then screw on the H140 connector onto your 2" id vacuum hose.

    One problem without knowing about the above issue is you could purchase the machine in more of a panic because your local area is flooding, you rush out to a job and then will not be able to use the machine with beyond the provided 25 ft 1.5" hose. Once you have hooked up two power cords, vacuum hose, auto dump hose, you are not going to want to move the machine to have it follow you around the job site. That is just too much to take down and set up again. The machine uses a Mytee C302A dual 3 stage 25 amp vacuum system and can run 150 ft of 2" ID hose so it should include the H140 so you do not have to relocate the machine but it does not. Please do not forget to purchase one! Naturally you should purchase the extra AH30 vacuum hose too.

    Side note: If you want to hook the provided 25 ft 1.5" vacuum hose to your provided AH30 2" hose you will also need to purchase the H138 connector. To install the H138 connector requires you to remove the last AH44 cuff off the end of your 2" vacuum hose (cut or unscrew) and thread on the H138. The provided Mytee 1.5" flood hose will then fit onto your AH30 2" Id vacuum hose.

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