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Inbound hot water hose reel questions

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  • Inbound hot water hose reel questions

    Questions: Hello again,
    I'd like to ask a couple more questions about this hose reel and hose. Clean Storm Live Reel with 100 ft Hot Water Garden Hose 3/8" ID Hose included SBM100GL [SBM100GL]
    Shazaam Live Hot Water Garden Hose Reel with 100 ft by 3 8 Hose included, SBM100GL, Hose Reels, Parts & Accessories, by Shazaam,  100 ft live garden hose reel allow you to hook to your customer hot water supply at  their  kitchen or ...

    Please tell me if I'm correct.
    I see that the female garden hose fitting is intact and hooked up to the 3/8" hose and ready to hook up to a garden hose outlet.
    You remove the male garden hose fitting [which I can not see in the photo] and replace with a 3/8" coupler to hook up to the reel.
    I see that the hose is 3/8 and on a reel.
    I also think I see another hose coming out through the reel tube, this is the part that I get lost at. should there be a fitting on the reel tube or is there and it's an illusion.
    Sorry, but I hate to send stuff back. Please bear with me.
    Thanks, Joe

    Answer: The hose does include the female garden hose connection. This is placed at a 90 degree to the hose to allow to hook to a customer's hot water sink. This allow the hose to travel out of the sink without kinking. There is no male garden hose connection as the 100 ft hose is screwed directly into the hose reel swivel. The water/hose that leaves the reel and travels to your pressure washer or truckmounted carpet cleaning machine does travel out of the mounting tube. This final connecting hose is not included as customer will order a custom length hose to attach to their cleaning machine. Please ask as many questions as possible as returning product is expensive as we do have a restocking fee and you would loose shipping charges in both directions.

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    good forum

    I assume there is a 3/8" connection for the final coupling hose? {hose that runs to the machine}
    I would also have to order a length of hose to run to the machine with a male garden hose fitting.
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      connection hose off reel

      The optional hose that leaves the reel and allows the water to connect to your machine is direct connected to the reel with a pipe thread connection.
      The outbound swivel is 3/8" Fip. Then at the end of the garden hose ends in a Male garden hose connection or a quick coupler of the style you might need.
      There are a few different types of option quick couplers, garden hose style, pressure washer style, and nipple check stop style.

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        Thanks Don, I have all the info that I need. I'm going to roll the dice and purchase this reel and I'll let the forum know how it works out. [With some badly needed photos]
        FYI I ran a good old fashioned 5 gallon bucket GPM test on one of the 50' - 3/8" hoses run in tandem with a 50' - 5/8" garden hose that I have and came up with 4 GPM flow which is more than enough for my 3 GPM unit. Your advertised hose says it will push 3.5 GPM at 100'. I have never used the pressure washer turned all the way up as you can blow ****t off of a car at 3000 PSI. So the whole hose reel and all the extras should provide me with enough water pressure for my pressure washer, As well as a nice pro look too. This setup will probably be used only 1/2 the time as I run off a hundred gallon tank as well.