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Machine pressure locked- How to release the solution hose pressure once this happens?

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  • Machine pressure locked- How to release the solution hose pressure once this happens?

    Question: My guys rigged up some temporary cuffs last night and it did ok, but after awhile the machine pressure locked. How do we release the pressure once this happens? Related, how do we prevent pressure lock?

    Answer: To rephrase the question, is I believe you remove the cleaning tool off of a pressurized solution hose and cannot insert the next tool into the hose...
    Most customers install an AH54 ball valves between the female brass coupler and the solution hose. The ball valve is off at all times when the machine is off and is ON when the tool is in use. This allows you to change tools from example a AS08 sprayer and then jump to a 10-1455 carpet cleaning wand without having to walk back to the machine to turn off the water pump and remove the water pressure. To use the ball valve off is perpendicular and on is parallel. After turning off the ball valve, squeeze the tool trigger to remove the pressure between the ball valve and the end of the quick coupler. Change the tool out and then turn the ball valve back on again.
    If you are not using a ball valve at the end of your solution hose and you have turn the machine off, if you are able to remove the solution hose off the machine, you can depress the poppet nipple on the male coupler against the concrete sidewalk to break the pressure out of the hose. Please note this is an operator issue and not a machine issue. We as humans cannot insert a new tool into a hose that has 500 psi water pressure in it. We are just not strong enough.

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