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Alternative to Kaivac vacuum hose

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  • Alternative to Kaivac vacuum hose

    I have multiple Kaivac units and like the flexibility of their hoses compared to the standard stiff hoses that I have normally found for carpet cleaning equipment. I had considered just getting more Kaivac hoses to use with the Goliath/Bonzer combination but wasn’t ready to sacrifice the airflow just yet. I had run across these hoses on your site;
    Clean Storm 2in ID Wire Reinforced Vacuum Motor Hose X 50 ft box [J1003G] NM5726 [J1003G]
    They appear to be similar construction to the Kaivac hose. Could you comment on that? Also what cuffs would they use? Any wisdom on hose selection you can offer is appreciated.
    Dana Elizabeth

    The most common use for the J1003G hose is between vacuum motor or and 'under the hood' use inside a carpet cleaning machine. Specifically a portable. The ends of the hose is attached with hose clamps and their are no hose cuff that can be used that match the exact thread count of the outside of this vacuum hose. I have seen standard hose cuff glued onto this hose when you want to use a hose cuff. This hose does not offer any retraction resistance so if you used it between your carpet cleaning machine and the cleaning tool, once the tool was part occluded the hose would try to retract to a smaller length.
    Most customers that want a more flexible vacuum hose than standard 2" truckmount vacuum hose, will just use standard 1.5" ID vacuum hose with an expanded 2" AH46 hose cuff. This way the hose is smaller but will connect to all 2" tools and connections.

    Standard truckmount vacuum hose

    Standard 2" hose cuffs

    Wire Reinforced vacuum hose

    Kaivac Vacuum hose

    Standard 1.5" Id vacuum hose

    AH46 expanded hose cuff