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Live reels VS Storage reels

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  • Live reels VS Storage reels

    Q. What is the difference between live reels and storage reels?

    A. Storage reels only store the hose on the reel. You un-spool the hose and then hook it to the pressure and vacuum of your machine and then use the hose. When finished, you un-hook the hoses from the machine, carry the hoses to the reel(s) and roll the hoses on the reel. A live reel means the hoses are hooked to the pressure and vacuum all the time, whether spooled or un-spooled. The maximum hose length on live reels is 160 ft. This is because you do not want large or any amount of hose left on the vacuum reel while in use. The up and around action causes a loss in vacuum performance. On live pressure reels do not require the the complete un-spooling for use. You just spool off what you want to use and use it. 160 ft of hose will clean 99% of all jobs. Extra hose lengths are just stored on the wall of the service vehicle. I personally prefer live reels but storage reels are more popular with our customers because it cost less to set up. We find that most long term carpet cleaners upgrade to live reels later in their career.

    We also have electric 12 volt reels in both live and storage. Electric allows you to to push a button and the electric motor rolls up your vacuum hose for you.

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    Velocity Tech 200 ft Hose Reel is a winner!!

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      Storage on reels and loss of vacuum

      "The maximum hose length on live reels is 160 ft. This is because you do not want large or any amount of hose left on the vacuum reel while in use. The up and around action causes a loss in vacuum performance."

      Q: I checked my performance with my Cross American Jag I bought from SteamBrite and it didn't seem to lose any suction between 150' of hose on the reel, and then eliminating a 50 ft section to make it 100'. I used a stopwatch and timed how long it took to empty a bucket of water. My conclusion, at least on that machine is that there was no difference. Could that be correct, or is there something I don't understand?


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        Is is OK to leave my vacuum hose on my hose reel

        The 5 gallon test is really not a good test. "What but this is the big deal on you-tube?" Roll up all the vacuum hose on your vacuum hose reel. Hold a 5 gallon bucket next to the reel. How do you compare the size of your bucket to the size of the hoses? What you say the air volume to 5 gallon is to the air volume inside of the vacuum hose? Let us do a little math.
        cylinder = Height or length X pi (3.14) X radius squared
        2" vacuum hose is radius of 1 X 1 X 3.14 Pie X 150ft X 12" per foot = 5,652 sq inches.
        My 5 gallon buck is 11.25" ID top and 9.75" ID bottom X 14" tall (convert fractions to decimal for all formulas)
        Formula is 11.25 + 9.75 divided by 2 =10.5 diameter divided by 2 = radius 5.25 X 5.25 X 3.14 (pi) X 14" = 1211.64 sq inches

        The vacuum hose 4.6 X more volume than the 5 gallon bucket. How much water do you think has even made it to the waste tank by the time you hit the bottom of the bucket? Answer ZERO. The test proves nothing. You have to completely fill the entire hose with water to see how they compare. This mean at 150 ft of hose the test has to be performed with 5 gallons X 4.6 = 23 gallons.
        Longer hose will require more water volume to test.
        Now take 23 gallons of water or a full 30 gallon drum of water (better still) and test both on the reel and off the reel and compare. Now you will have your answer. Compare times for both and you can come up with a formula to see how vacuum is reduced by the up and around on the reel.

        In your test you only pulled the water into the reel about on fifth the way through the reel.

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        PS. I am proud of you checking with me on this issue and not taking what is happening on you tube as Gospel.
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