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3/8" or 1/4" Solution hoses

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  • 3/8" or 1/4" Solution hoses

    What's the technical difference between (high heat) 1/4" or 3/8" solution hoses? Wouldn't 3/8" be more superior due to the larger circumference as it can deliver more solution?

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    Compare 1/4" ID Solution hose VS 3/8" ID Solution hose

    The majority of all hoses used in the carpet cleaning industry are single wire braided hoses with non-marking jackets. They are typically rated for temperature between 210 and 250 and pressures up to 3000 psi. The same 1/4" hose are available in 3/8" ID too. Water temperatures above 212 does shorten the life of the hose. The problem with 3/8" is they weigh twice as much as 1/4" ID hoses. The only reason the pressure washing industry uses them is for the higher gallons per minute flow rate they offer. This is also the reason that pressure washing services use open flow quick disconnects. Most carpet cleaning companies only use about a gallon a minute while pressure washing companies use 3 or 4 gallon a minute. A gallon per minute flow rate can actually have 3/16" ID hose use and it would work fine. For many years US Products used 3/16" ID hose or metric version of this. They used the sales pitch that once the water left the machine each water molecule would end up at the wand or cleaning tool faster, there by making the water hotter at the spray tip. This is not true, the temperature is the same, because the small mass water hose does not hold the heat in as well. It cleans the same. This is true in comparing 3/8" to 1/4" solution hose. The 3/8" hose would take more energy to heat up, it would hold the water temperature because of the increased water mass and hose mass but then because it would take each water molecule to reach the end of the hose it gives it more time to cool back down. The temperature is the same at the tip. The reason that the carpet cleaning industry does not use 3/16" hose is because it cost more per ft than 1/4" ID hose because it is not as common a size to produce. Bottom line is all are doing by using a 3/8" ID hose is creating a heavier hose to set up, use, and roll back up. The amount of the gpm flow rate is controled by the jet size and psi because this is the smallest restriction. Only if the jet size was larger than the ID of the hose would the hose be a factor.