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  • Kleenrite wand problem

    Question: Hi sir, my name is jim and i purchased a kleenrite economy upholstery tool from steambrite on 2/6/12 and have a question. I use a steamin demon and a mytee heater when i do upholstery and looked at this tool, read the description and did not see anywhere that you cant use a heater with it, so i purchased it. I have yet to use it but took it out of the box to hook to a vac hose and noticed that it had clear braided hose. I called kleenrite to ask them if i can use heat and they told me this is a low pressure non heated upholstery wand. Sadly i am in a pickle. What are my chances of swapping this one with a 20014 and paying the difference. I would truly appreciate it and look forward to your email. thank you jim

    Answer: The term low pressure or LP also mean non-heated. You can used customer supplied hot water, but not a machine with a boosting heating system on board and the pressure needs to be under 100 psi.

    Both SteamBrite and Kleenrite have a 25% restocking fee on returned items inside of 30 days Plus you will loose 2 more shipping charges. (one each direction)

    It might be cheaper for you to just change the solution hose out. Anything that can be built can be taken apart and re-built. I am sure you should be able to remove the solution hose and change it out with another hose. If you cannot do this at a local hydraulic supply shop I can have a hose made for you but I would need to know all the exact measurement and specs to do this for you.

    QUESTION: I tried to replace hose but the inside of the tool is plastic where the hose hooks to. I am afraid the high heat will melt or ruin it. Thanks for the reply

    ANSWER: The lowest melting plastic is polyproprolene and it melts at 275 degree F. You will be way below this. Just change the hose and it will be fine. Just do not over tighten the pipe thread connections because you do not want it to break the plastic.
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