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  • Hose

    So after reading a lot of stuff here I decided to go from 1 1/2 ID hose to the 2" ID hose .
    I haven't yet changed the inlet ports to 2 " but i sure can see better air flow .
    I run most time 8 stages of vac but i go to 10 stages with no issues.
    I have some questions though as i am having few issues and need some advice.

    1) Coming from 1 1/2 " hose i am finding it hard to handle the hose . So is there a better way of handling the hose .
    2) Do most people run the pressure hose externally of vac hose or internal ? If running external Do you all prefer it tied down to the vac hose or separate.
    3) My machine came 2 X 3 stage motor , how ever i have modified to run 8 stages. I have been noticing the waste tank cant really handle the suction , so i want to make my own waste water tank . Considering i run 8 stage motors is the a way to calculate what dimensions i should use to build a tank so i can maximize the suction power .
    4) Guys who are running electric auto reels what motor is used cos i sure can do with some auto rewind.

    Its a bit of an effort to run electric setup , I do have a truck mount but i prefer using electric as the closet place for repair and maintenance is like 200 miles from me
    Thanking you all in advance

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    Carpet cleaning hose management

    1: I recommend that you run mostly all 2" hose except for the last 8 to 15 ft. Use 1-1/2" here. The 2" hose is too stiff and mainly the hose that is left on the floor is 2" and hose that is in the air or in your hand needs to be 1-1/2". The air is "spongy" and will squeeze through short distances when it is near the cleaning tool. The reduction of 2" vacuum hose to 1.5" vacuum hose is like moving your waste tank to the first point of restriction. This is why it is important to change the port on the machine to 2" then your first point of restriction is still at the machine instead of 15 ft from where you are cleaning.
    2: 99% of the carpet cleaners do not tie the vacuum hose to the solution hose or place the solution hose inside of the vacuum hose. To place the solution hose inside the vacuum hose will totally kill you water temperature. You are rushing air and water over the outside of the hose. Once they are tied together you will not be able to offer prespray and post spray services using the injection sprayer.

    While performing water extractions, you will not want the added weight of the solution hose. To tie the hose together also is not a good idea. I can tell you are having some hose management issues.
    Do you stop cleaning to just pull hoses out of your way? If the answer is yes, you are cleaning wrong and wasting your time. My philosophy is if I spend and extra 15 min a job pulling hoses and do three jobs a day, the extra 45 min I can leave another bid at a commercial location with the time I just acquired or have more time with my family.
    Hose rules:
    Pull the solution hose about 2 feet longer than the furthest point in the home. If you are on a reel, you should not be pulling the hose in rather you should have loaded up your arms with the hose and laying down in the home. I like to pull my vacuum hose in next the same way. I prespray next kicking the hose as needed to insure the carpet is sprayed under my hoses. I am also removing any dirt that is on the hoses this way. Since my solution hose is not connected to the vacuum hose I can move freely about the home with my injection sprayer. Scrub the carpet as needed. The agitation equipment will easily just push the hose out of the way as needed. Now as you start to rinse the carpet the traditional way (walking backwards). I personally like to clean "standing up," or mounting the assist handle all the way at the top of the wand pipe. I do not want to bend over to cleaning nor bend over to move my hoses. Once you have cleaned enough of the room that you have a little extra hose, just "TURN AROUND." Keep the hose where you have been and not where you are going! Keep the hose behind you. Why are you constantly pushing the hoses where are are getting ready to clean next? You can easily just clean along side your hose and wand head will push the hose out of the way. Once you finish the first couple of rooms connect your vacuum crevice tool and crevice the edges and pick up the hair balls.
    The wand is set down with the solution hose connected and I would not be able to use the crevice tool if the solution hose is connected to the vacuum hose.
    You will be able to clean entire restaurants and entire office buildings and never bend over to move your hoses by simply leaving the hose where you have been as opposed to pushing them in front of you!
    Tip: As you learn to develop correct cleaning posture, you will have better hose management. If I am right handed, I can clean with one hand on my back stroke. This leaves my left hand available to reach behind my back and grab the hose set and control it or flip it as needed. All the hose moving is taking place as I am still cleaning. My wand assist handle is mounted high so I can use my left hand on the wand for a dry stroke and not have to bend over. I use a long crevice tool so I do not have to bend over. I use an injection spray in stead of a pump up sprayer because to pump up the pump up spray evolves bending over. When you are wrapping up, always pull your vacuum hose out of the home first. It will slide out of the solution hose for easier wrap and roll up.
    3: Tanks size is not going to mater too much. I would recommend 20 gallons or larger.
    4: The motor is located on our website at
    Rokan P56 Replacement Motor for 12 Volt Electric Reel RE001, P56, White Magic Parts, Parts & Accessories, by Rokan Reels,  Electric motor replacement for White magic electric vacuum hose reels. P56 This might not be an exact replacement part. ...



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      Thank you very much for the information W. ill be starting on the tank today will post some photos when i am done .
      Does the hose from the booster box to the waste water tank need to be 2 " too. Or just dirty water inlet port needs to be 2 ".


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        hose size

        You want all the hoses and fitting to be 2" except for the last 15 feet next to the wand. this is the only part that can be 1.5"