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Filter Force Van Mount VS Hose Mount

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  • Filter Force Van Mount VS Hose Mount

    Would a Horizontal Configuration be better, without the 90-degree Inlet and Outlet?
    Most Cleaners have no problem mounting that HUGE one called the "Devastator" in their Vans, next to their Mounts.
    Also, could you not make it to have Dual Intakes on the Van/Mount Side for Cleaners that want to run "4-to-the-door"?
    Only suggestions/trying to help.
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    Answer: The future is smaller vans with small foot print equipment. How to make equipment that will fit in smaller trailers and vans and get the job done. The use of 'monster mounts' is going to become the thing of the past. White Magic, Sapphire Scientific made their van mount filters for $700 each. The ideas was to be able to offer a more reasonable filter that is forcing employees to uses the filter. Please note that air is quite 'spongy' and travels around corners very easily.

    I am not trying to compete with hose mount in line filters. If someone wanted to lay a filter on the side they can do that now. Laying on the side means more floor space and no longer being able to use live vacuum hose reels. This filter will not appeal to the mass market, rather people that are using truck mounts or portables that are left in the van using live reels. Usually the live reel is next to a wall and their is not going to be a lot a space to install the filter. The photo is our third design to get the filter as small as possible, make it so you cannot break off the housing from the base (you could install a handle on the side of it and pull yourself into you van with the mounting), keep as much air flow around the sides and bottom of the screen material, easy to open and clean, 100% of the materials that cannot rust. The only thing we added on this last model is a metal flake metallic ****t job. Looks cool in the sun. At some point in the future we might look at hooking two together but it will make the filter 4" taller and another $300