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  • vac motor comparison

    Hi ,
    I am using 6 of the in 240v which are in 3 pairs form. The question I have is that what sort of blower size can this 12 stages of motor can be compared too just at 30 meters max .
    Many thanks in advance .

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    centrifugal vacuum motor vs positive displacement.

    If you have a series of two you are at 112 X 1.25 = 140 cfm
    106.7 X 70% = 181.39" inches of lift
    X 3 pair = 420 cfm X 181" = 76,020 vacuum units.
    a 45 blower does 203" X 400 cfm = 81,200 vacuum units
    a 36 blower does 203" X 335 cfm = 68,005 vacuum units
    If I understood your question and you have 3 pair of vacuum motors mounted in a 2 pair series and three sets of these pairs in parallel, you land between a 36 blower and the 45 blower using



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      Hi Donald , That is excately how the vac motors are configured , thank you very much for the detailed explanation . It just didn't feel the same as using a boxer 318 suction wise . Specially if I reduce last 15 feet of 2" hose to 1.5 " . Suction seem to feel better when wand is directly attached to 2" hose. Could a better wand help i am currently using something like in 1.5" tube .


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        Short 1-1/2" vacuum hoses with 1.5" OD pipe wands

        You have to realize that the maximum amount of cfm you can even suck through a 2" ID hose is about 450 cfm and 225 cfm for 1.5" ID vacuum hose so the 2" is always a better performer on a larger truckmount system. The thing they you need to also realize is these figures are taken at numbers we as carpet cleaners never use. On measurement is open flow and zero inches of lift while the other measurement is taken at full occlusion at zero cfm. When we take a hundred feet of hose and place a wand lip down on the damp carpet, the air flow is half of both of these. This is what I refer to as "use cfm, and use inches of lift." This is the figure nobody ever test. The 2" wand is going to always out clean a 1.5" wand by a super tiny bit. You have to realize that air is "spongy." This is why when you use a pump up sprayer and compress the inside, only the air compresses and not the liquid. The opposite is true when you install a short 1-1/2" vacuum hose leader and wand. The air sponges down and around the vacuum hose. Like stretched air. The problem is trying to stretch it too far. After 75 ft 1-1/2" vacuum hose performance false off rapidly, but with a 10 ft hose and a 6 ft 1.5" pipe, not too much difference but their is one.