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Solenoid vacuum relief systems for truckmounts

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  • Solenoid vacuum relief systems for truckmounts

    Question: Hi Donald, I had a question or two on this relief valve. Will it actually increase vacuum to 16 in. hg. ? Also, because I noticed you just came out with this at the end of last year, have you been able to adequately test it for reliability? I hope you can understand my hesitancy to be the first to purchase anything before all the kinks have been worked out. Any other info on this item you can give would be appreciated. Thanks!
    Clean Storm Truckmount Vacuum Relief Electronic Solenoid Adjustable Valve, 20131111, , by Clean Storm,  Clean Storm Truckmount Vacuum Relief Solenoid Adjustable Valve Solenoid Operated Value Control SOVC Mounts through 1 2 Fip connection. 12 volt ...

    Answer: We did complete testing in November 2013 as far as functionality but not durability. This unit does allow you to adjust the vacuum relief all the way to 16" HG but just because you can does not mean it is OK with your truckmount. You can easily overload the vacuum pump, belts, coupler, and engine.
    This unit has not be roasted in a 150 degree F. truck and run hard like with know it will. These are new.
    We came out with this unit because the patent on the Wang unit ran out and we found out the patent was only for fixed vacuum and not adjustable vacuum relief. We also noted that they the Wang unit is super expensive. This left the opportunity to make better replacement.
    In our testing we found that it works perfectly and opens and closes rapidly just like it should.
    We found that a 1/2" port is not enough air to allow the larger blowers to breath correctly if you completely close them off. For carpet cleaning this is fine because the carpet is never a perfect seal but for water damage work it does need a back up on your larger truckmounts. An other use would be to use your existing vacuum relief system at a much higher level or use two of these solenoid valves. Example set the solenoid system at 14"HG and your standard spring system at 15"HG. This way the standard unit can back up the small 1/2" hole encase your machine needs more air. This does not leak any air at all into the waste tank as you add more hose length like traditional spring loaded vacuum relief systems.