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Wiring amtek lamb 116765-13

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  • Wiring amtek lamb 116765-13

    I have 2 amtek lamb vac motors I am wanting to wire up in a box. Can anyone help me with what fuses and switches I can use? I was wanting to put a switch on each vac to be able to run 1 or 2. Also, I know the old amtek lamb I had, it had a place for a ground wire. I guess this one doesnt need one from what I understand. So just snip the 3 wire and cap it off?

    Maybe these would work?

    Fuse Holder

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    help wire up some vacuum motors

    We just use stainless toggle switches you provide on the link. The hold up well and are easy to install.
    The connection we use Nylon (not vinyl because of the voltage) which I guess we do not have a web page for.
    If you want fuse protection, please consider a push button breaker
    Ground the vacuum motor to any metal part of the housing or even the mounting bolt. I would not cap it off.
    The problem with fuses is you always have to have extra with you. Breakers, you just push them back on again.
    Use 14 awg thnn strained wire or larger.
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