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Upgrading my Ninja Classic 150 with more pressure and more vacuum.

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  • Upgrading my Ninja Classic 150 with more pressure and more vacuum.

    question: I recently acquired a used Century 400 Ninja Classic machine 150psi HEATED dual 2 Stage Motors and want to upgrade the existing old equipment.
    Can you please advise the availability of upgrade more powerful vacuum motors that can fit and possibly a 200 or 300 psi pump and the individual costs.

    Answer: The two easiest upgrade are to change the 150 psi pump to an Aquatec 220 psi pump. It is a drop in replacement.

    The second upgrade would be to convert the machines water pump from suction feeding to pressure feeding

    This will provide you Ninja with a full 250 psi of water pressure with non stop production on cleaning.

    Upgrading from a diaphragm pump to a positive displacement plum 250 - 500 psi mean -re-plumbing the entire machine. This procedure is only recommended for someone that is very mechanically inclined.
    Here is an example of two items

    The Ninja Classic does note easily convert to dual 3 stage from dual 2 stage as it needs a new vacuum manifold and and electrical rewire.
    Usually if you need more vacuum you might want to consider a hose mount booster.
    Or sell your machine and start all over with a system with more automation and more power.