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Two 3 stage motors in series

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  • Two 3 stage motors in series

    Hi this is my first post here so hi to everyone.

    I have been reading some of the posts on vacuum configurations and the like, and am impressed with the wealth of knowledge here. Any way I have a question.

    I have a UK extractor called an Airflex Pro custom made by a company called Cleansmart here in the uk, so the machine runs on 240v. It has two three stage Electro motors mounted in series. One motor is higher powered and the other is lower powered therefore it pulls 117 cfm and 230" of water lift. How many feet of hose is the maximum I should run with this machine?

    The machine has a port which will enable a booster to be attached however my worry is if i attach a single motor in parallel booster it will adversely effect my lift and I will be left with the equivalent of a two motor parallel machine. I would like to be able to run at least 100ft of hose with the minimum amp draw as possible as I also use a 3 kw water heater and don't really want to give that up. I could also use the same configuration motors as I have in an in series, parallel booster however if I use all of that on one single circuit which sometimes is all which is available it will use over the 7200 w which is maximum. (that's without the customer putting the kettle on which is essential) I have wondered if my current set up is not up to the job if I should change the existing motors for two 6.6 motors as the change would be relatively easy and the machine has a 3" stack. If I did use 6.6 vac what is the best way to set them up, series or parallel. I have always thought that more lift is what gives the higher cfm at a restriction ie when the wand is on the carpet however I may be wrong. Any help and opinions would be great.

    Many Thanks