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Ametek-Lamb 117939-13 5.7" 3-stage Peripheral Discharge vacuum motor

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  • Ametek-Lamb 117939-13 5.7" 3-stage Peripheral Discharge vacuum motor

    Coutd the Ametek-Lamb 117939-13 replace the Century 400 3-stage 5.7" peripheral discharge motor in the Prochem Century 400 Ninja Warrior 500 psi dual 3-stage portable extractor for more vacuum performance and longer hose runs?

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    Specs for the Ametek 117939 are as follows:
    138.6 Sealed Vacuum
    101.2 CFM
    Max Airwatts 458
    Max Amps 13.6
    Motor Speed 20,426
    Height 8"
    Bolt Height 3.5"

    After doing some research here I think the vacuum units would be 28,053 in parallel (Century 400 Ninja Warrior/Master). I think this would be a 26 amp system.

    My questions to Donald are these:

    Is the Ninja Master 17 gallon solution / 13 gallon recovery tank portable unit still available? Is it available without heat?
    Would the Ametek 117939 be a drop in replacement for this machine?

    Thank you,


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      Thanks for sharing.


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        After looking at the latest owner's manuals dated February 2015, I have come to the conclusion the only Prochem Century 400 Ninja Warrior units capable of the Ametek-Lamb 117939-13 upgrade are the Ninja Warrior models with the 3 stage motors in place (no heat). The 2 stage ninja warrior models have both of the vacuum motors on one cord. The reason I started investigating these portable units was a response to customer complaints regarding the noise level of my current machine. This facility is a secure area that must be cleaned with a portable machine. The ninja warrior machines seem to have been engineered from the ground up to operate with a lower noise level. The 117939-13 seems to provide two benefits: higher performance and acustek technology to help address the noise concerns. These machines have two inch hose coming off the motors to a two inch stack in the recovery tank. I think this is good news. A real choke point in air flow occurs at the 1.5" 90 degree elbow and 1.5" hose barb. Both of these items can be replaced without causing permanent modification to the machine with these upgrades: Spear or Lasco part numbers 407-251 (90 degree 2" socket x 1.5" female threaded pvc fitting) and 1436-213 (2" hose barb x 1.5" male threaded fitting). These would allow the use of a 2" inch hose with less restricted air flow to provide greater vacuum. I hope someone who has experience with these 3 stage ninja warrior machines will comment. Until then I will keep investigating and replying here in hopes of getting more information.