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Adding a Mytee LX vacuum booster to a Mytee LTD5 Carpet cleaning machine

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  • Adding a Mytee LX vacuum booster to a Mytee LTD5 Carpet cleaning machine

    I was looking at your
    Clean Storm 20161205 Universal Vacuum Booster SBM-Booster (Machine Mount) [20161205].
    Are you able to configure it with the Mytee LX motor, or even the Rotovac ZX motor?
    I bought the Mytee LTD5 from you a few months ago (loving it). I have a larger generator in van and can support another plug, so thinking the LX motor added would be awesome and a good balance to it's current configuration.

    Answer: The Mytee LX and Rotvac ZX motor are the same motor. No I am sorry but the vacuum motor you want cannot fit with the Universal Vacuum booster housing. Here are some options links below.
    Mytee does make a dual 6.6 booster called the Mytee 7303.

    Kleenrite 75001 make a single 6.6 vacuum booster

    Please note the Mytee LTD5 is also set up for use with exhaust mount booster.
    While Mytee discontinued exhaust mount boosters, we can still make them for you. If you were to have use make an exhaust hose mount booster I would recommend using the same vacuum motors that are already installed in your machine. The Mytee Uses C302A vacuum motors. visit
    This build would cost $800 each and you would have to purchase 2 boosters, one for each motor.

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