Question: Can you tell us if this order # 2044781, Tuthill - 500621L2 Competitor Blower has a warranty?
Our customer just asked us this question and we are not sure if anything is wrong, just trying to find out right now.
Thank you, Kevin

Answer: Tuthill warranty is for 18 months from the date it was manufactured against factory defects.
It is not from the date of the sale so some customers do not get a warranty.
This order shipped from the manufactures main distribution point and had no shelf time at our location but could have had shelf time there.
Usually under 6 months.
The customer would be required to ship the bower back to the factory or authorized repair center for evaluation.
The evaluation and shipping cost money and will be refunded if it turns out it is under warranty.
This means you could spend a $1000 to find out of the warranty is not going to be covered.
Neglect and abuse is not covered.
It would be very rare for a warranty to be successful.

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