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Vacuum trips on item 20140606 triple heap vacuum. Put back to original design

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  • Vacuum trips on item 20140606 triple heap vacuum. Put back to original design

    Vacuum trips on item 20140606 triple heap vac
    Question: All motors are fine, my problem is the wiring from the external power cable that generates powers to two separate motors.
    Very early from when we got the unit the internal wires kept coming off the power switches and eventually one of the switches went bad so I ordered from you guys. The wires inside are very short so we kept adjusting and extending them.
    Eventually what we have now is that one switch operates both motors right away and it overloads the switch and now burnt it.
    What I’m hoping to get is the information how to correctly wire everything between the switches internally, so that the one power cable gives power to two motors, but I’m still able to turn each motor with a separate switch.
    Thank you

    Answer: you would want to pinch the solderless connectors so they do not slide off the back of the switches.
    The original design was the double pole single throw switch turn on and off both the white and black wires at the same time. One switch per motor. 3 switches total for 3 vacuum motors.
    The hot wire (back wire from the home) in the USA is really the only wire that has to be switched. Because these machines were made overseas, Europe requires both the hot and neutral with switched and that is why they were both switched to begin with.
    You could take the hot wire in bound from the home and Y it off to each switch that operates each of the 2 vacuum motors.
    When the machine first was shipped to you it would have had some type of spitter on the hot side.
    You could optionally switch the white wires again or simply tie them all together under the hood.
    You state you have one switch operate both vacuum motors. This is usually OK to do this as long as you are using both side of the back of the switch
    Look at the photo at
    You will see that there is a plastic wall on the back of the switch that separates the left side from the right side.
    The single action of turning on and off controls two functions on the back of the switch.
    If you wired all the current on either the left side or right side you will burn up the switch with too many amps.
    If you use each side of the switch, this is really two switch controlling 2 different items with a single action. This is what double pole single throw means.
    You throw it once to control 2 different items, one on each side of the switch.
    Replacement switches are located at