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Do vacuum motor improve after break in period?

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  • Do vacuum motor improve after break in period?

    Question: Somebody need to test drive the Goliath, I did some carpet today with 65’ of hose could not move the wand at all, I lifted the wand the carpet came up, had to add another 50’ just to move the wand the carpet was dry complete. The vacuum is getting stronger as I used it. Please somebody needs to test this machine. I knew that nobody believed me. So you have to try yourself. I wish I had another 100’ of hose I think that she can handle it no problem. You need to keep one machine (Goliath) in stock and run it for awhile. I gain 20% in suction since I first started it up. is that normal?

    Answer: I have never heard that vacuum motors improve after a break-in period. They turn 18,000 rpm from day one and all the way until the bearings give out or the carbon brushes wear out. The only thing that causes vacuum reduction is allowing carpet fibers, hair, and mud it get wrapped around the blades on the bottom of the vacuum motor. It is not uncommon to have to remove a vacuum motor once a year or at carbon brush change out and use a dental pick to scrape the bottom blade and blade opening clean. See maintenance schedule below. An optional hour meter can be installed on the machine to keep track of the hours.
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    The Goliath can handle 200 ft of 2" vacuum hose plus a 15 ft 1-1/2" leader. Even with a power wand, this machine can handle 100 ft of 2" vacuum hose plus a 15 ft 1-1/2" hose leader and not lose suction.

    Some additional maintenance information on portable carpet cleaning machines:
    Failure to perform maintenance voids your warranty. (This would be like you never changing the oil on your car.) Even if you purchase an extended warranty or just use the standard factory warranty, you are still required to perform maintenance on your carpet cleaning and auto detail equipment.

    This includes the following:
    Rinsing filters:
    Daily: waste tank ball and cage filter, auto pump out lint control (if provided).
    Weekly: located in the bottom of the fresh tank, in the motor box in front of the pressure pump, filters located behind spray jets on the cleaning tool,
    Monthly or every 100 hours of use: Lubrication of water pump pressure regulator, and wand valve, and Descale heating and pump system.
    Yearly or every 500 hours of use: Inspect vacuum motor carbon brush length. Note if you let the spring located behind the carbon brush impact the armature it will ruin the vacuum motor. The life expectancy of a carbon brush is between 500 and 1000 hours. This is a large window so after 500 hours you will need to check the length and see how yours are wearing. When changing carbon brushes inspect bottom of vacuum motor of build up of hair, carpet fibers, and mud on vacuum motor intake (bottom of motor). Scape with dental pick as need to clean.
    At 500 hours, Pumptec recommends that the pump head be rebuilt and lubricated. There are three kits needed to do this.