Question: Actually I was just looking at your website and I need this part for a PMF U1560PA. I thought it was the same part but apparently the EDIC has a 4" head and the PMF has a 3.5" head. Maybe it is the same part but would you be able to please check that for me. Sorry for all the emails but I appreciate all the help. The link to the PMF clear head detail tool is here

Answer: The photo of the U1560PA on our site was wrong and has been corrected.
The description is correct.
3.5" wide clear head, open spray, Aluminum valve.
Your question includes the link for a the U1560PB
The "P" in the part number is "Plastic," the "B" mean "Brass Valve." The brass valve is an upgrade over the aluminum valve.
The "A" means aluminum valve.

The EDIC tool is a private label PMF tool with the QD added as the U1560PA does not include a quick coupler.
Both models are 3.5" wide.

For heated machines, please consider the stainless lip addition