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  • Carpet Wand Glides

    I was wondering does anybody here use this product or ever used one... And if so are they pretty good...
    Is it compatible with the 12" wand I was asking about... I know they are 14" but I will trim them down...
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    wand glides

    Here is the problem with glides:
    They always restrict the vacuum. Their is not a single glide on the market the some how make the wand lip larger.
    They do not last very long and have to be replace often. I made my first wand glides in 1982. Found that after cleaning homes with tactless strips along the room perimeter that the nails you cannot see or fill while walking on the carpet where wearing down the edges of the glides. Then when you try to clean a direct glue down carpet (like in a move theater) good luck with trying to get the wand to seal to the carpet. Now you restricted the vacuum and made the wand lip un-even too.
    Third issue, how do you know they will fit well? This is one item, I am not to sure I would buy on line unless you purchased the wand from the same place.
    Don't get me wrong. Like everything we sell, we always beat any other web posted price, so if you want to try them, try them. And then in 6 months I can sell you some more.
    Customer that like them, never have correct cleaning posture. They clean on the side of the wand instead of in front of it. They need the extra slip in order to not hurt themselves.


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      i havent used that one! is it good to use?
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