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Up Steam chemical injection VS Down Steam Chemical injection

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  • Up Steam chemical injection VS Down Steam Chemical injection

    Question: Also, I'm going to be ordering a water otter soon - can I put an inline sprayer in my solution line (with two female ends) giving me a chemical feed for the water otter?

    Answer: You can inject soap with any pump either up-stream (before the pump) or down steam (after the pump). The injection spray (Hydroforce) is an example of a down stream injector. All down stream injection systems are performed at low pressure. Example the pump might be set at 500 psi but the spray is only spraying at 100 psi or less. In order to use a down stream injector requires a large spray time at the nozzle tip. This tip must not hold back pressure against the system. This creates a venturi effect that sucks water into the water stream. The pick up tube always has to have a check valve on it to prevent back flow into the jug of concentrate.
    Up-Stream chemical injection works on starving the pump off with water so it looks for a second source. The larger the spray tip you use the easier it is to get this type of injection system to work. Starving off the in bound side of the water is performed with a needle valve, watts regulator, water pressure springs or a combination of all the above. Once the inbound water is starved off to be slightly less than what is leaving the jet spray the suction begins. The problem with this type of chemical injection is that it does shorten the life of the pump if you over do it or do it too often. The other issue as you travel from job to job the in bound water pressure changes on each job site so it might require re-adjustment based on in bound water psi and jet size on the tools.

    Water Otter pump system
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    Example of injection sprayer

    example of up stream injector