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  • Flojet for Wirbel Cleaner

    Question: I would like to buy flojet water pump mod 2100-689 for vacuum cleaner Wirbel. I would like to know will it fit in.On the picture the pump looks the same as mine. Specification is also the same as the old one which I can not repair. Need price and shipping to Croatia,payment with amex? Regards Bozidar

    Answer: I am not familiar with the Wibel vacuum cleaner. Please confirm the complete part number you want to order. Just because it looks the same does not mean it will work or even not work. The part number change might mean the water flow is left to right or right to left. A change in part number might mean a difference in the rubber type used under the hood or at what pressure the pump switches at or bypasses at and most importantly confirm the voltage. Part number variation can also change the pumped volume. A few years ago the thread count use on the in and out fitting also changed. Most pumps ship world wide for $100 through the US Post Master. You have to pay by wire transfer and we do not accept credit cards for international orders. Please let me know if you know the complete part part number so I can get you a quote. If you do not know the complete part number, please state all the specs you need on your pump and I can email the factory for confirmation. Please note that all sales are final, so please make sure you know what you want before you order it.

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