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  • Adding auto fill and dump to

    Question: I was interested in the auto fill auto dump kit self install 20130730 and wanted to know how effective this might be.

    Answer: They work very well. The auto fill will add 10 degrees to your cleaning temperature, plus adds 75 psi to your 'use' pressure. (Standby pressure will remain the same) If you are hooked to the sink, you need to make sure you have enough vacuum to run the added hose as your machine will no longer follow you around the home. The Mytee 7303 is another option as it adds more vacuum with auto dump at the same time.
    The average cleaner waste about 7 to 10 minutes every time they fill and empty their machine. Some cleaners have to fill and empty there machine every 7 to 10 minutes if they use a power wand (Rotovac, Trex, Hoss 700), so adding auto fill and dump can be huge improvement in cleaning productivity!