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Shurflo 8035-963-239 sucking water out of a tank

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  • Shurflo 8035-963-239 sucking water out of a tank

    Question Dear Support,
    Good morning, I'm trying to put a simple low pressure pump/water tank together. I have a 275 gallons tote tank to be mounted on my 1999 Ford E350 Van or a trailer.
    It will be used basically to clean awnings (rinsing) and signs which only requires a maximum of 300psi. I saw this
    pump - Shurflo 8035-963-239 - on you tube and I like it. Do you think it will be enough to suck water from the
    tank or should I go with a conventional low pressure washer unit?
    Thank you in advance for your time and response.
    Charlotte, NC 28273
    PS If this pump works with the tote tank, which supplies should I buy to go with it like wand, gun, tip etc...

    Answer: Yes, this will suck water out of the tank. I have already tried mounting on top of the tank and it works as well as with longer hose runs with the pump mounted on the floor where the hose comes out of the top and back down to the floor. To use the pump for the first time you have to use a shop vacuum to suck the water to the pump. I also used check valves.
    to make sure I did not loose my prime.

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    Aquatec 170 VS the 8035-963-239

    Question: Good morning, thank you for you quick response. I still have 3
    more questions:
    A) what will be the maximum hose length (30 / 50ft) to use with this pump?
    B) Do you think the Aquatec 170 ( 58-ELK-170) would be a better
    C) As soon as I buy either one could you send me a installation diagram?

    Answer: A) Pumps really do not have a distance. Pressure is exerted equally in all directions. This means the pressure at 1000 ft is the same as it is at 10 ft. The only difference is the side walls of the hose/tubing slow the water down the the volume is cut down during use with longer runs.

    B) Yes, it will perform at higher use pressures.

    C) Not normally. Very simple design, 3 wire and two hoses, it cannot get any simpler than that.