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Maximum inbound water temperature for my carpet cleaning machine.

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  • Maximum inbound water temperature for my carpet cleaning machine.

    Question: I recently receive my order # 20112271 I notice the bucket heater is not the correct item you send me a 1150 watts unit model 3150SS and I'm worried if use to heat water to use with my Mytee S-300 I don't want to damage the solution pump because it heat more because is not as you advertise (1000 watts)
    Thanks for you attention!

    Answer: Your correct order number is 2011271. The item you ordered is located at
    1000 watt Bucket Heater, 022102074215, Heaters, Parts & Accessories, Bucket Heater - 1000 Watts. Keep your dye or cleaning solution hot for best results. Immersion style designed for safety to virtually eliminate any fire danger in the event water ...

    If it looks like this, you have the correct item. The factory does not make different heaters. The wattage on a heater refers to the speed of the time it takes to create the temperature rise not the maximum temperature. The maximum temperature for this heater is 180 degree F. Please visit,
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    This is the information on the water pump installed on the inside of the Mytee S300 auto detail extractor.
    Please note that you can place water up to 160 degree F into the machine. All pumps can handle 140 degree F water but a few like this one can handle 160 degree water. As with any machine you should have a pocket themometer and confirm the water temperature before you add hot water into your machine as you are correct, if too hot you can shorten the life of the pump. The maximum water temperature of a this bucket heater is 180 degrees F, so you need to be adding a little cold water with it once it is over 160 degrees F. but either way you need to be testing your water temperature.

    Please note: Do not set any brand of bucket heater in the inside of a carpet cleaning machine and only heat water in a bucket! Placing a bucket heater on the inside of a carpet cleaning machine will usually ruin the bucket heater and the carpet cleaning machine at the same time!

    Mytee S300 Tempo
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