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upgrading my pump and vacuum under the hood of carpet cleaner

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  • upgrading my pump and vacuum under the hood of carpet cleaner

    Question: I bought a carpet extractor from you a couple of years ago and I am looking to upgrade some of my components to my machine so I am looking for advice on what replacement parts I would need. The first thing that I would like to do is replace the water pressure gauge on the front of my control panel from a 300psi gauge to a 600psi gauge, I am planning on upgrading my water pump in the future to a 400psi pump however I don't plan on running over 300psi of water pressure. Then I want to upgrade from 2 stage vacum motors to 3 stage vacum motors. What vacum motors would be suitable for this kind of upgrade and would the wiring schemes stay the same? Then I would like to know if I can get a blueprint and wiring diagrams for my particular machine? I tried to attach photos of my machine but I couldn't figure out how to so i am hoping you will be able to look me up in your system to see the exact type of machine I have. When I placed my order was about 2 years ago and at that time I li
    ved at El Paso, TX

    Answer: The easiest way to upgrade a pump is to just place one next to the sink, like the Water Otter
    The customer is usually not that much more than trying to go through all the trouble to change out what is under the hood.
    If you change out a 2 stage vacuum for 3 stage, you will need to add a power cord and a toggle switch so each vacuum motor will run on its own breaker.
    Not all machines have wire diagrams available but the first step would be to provide the model number and I can check and see if we have such a document.

    600 psi gauge

    toggle switch

    Strain relief

    12-3 pig tail

    3 stage 5.7" vacuum motor