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My M53 Motor Turn off with Using Hot Water Through My Machine - Help!

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  • My M53 Motor Turn off with Using Hot Water Through My Machine - Help!

    Question: I have a Pumptec 207v pump head hooked to a M53 motor. I notice that the pump turns off after about 30 minutes of use when I run hot water through the pump. If I run cold water through the pump, will this resolve this issue?

    Answer: The M53 motors have a know issue that based on the psi you ask it to push which is the same thing as stating based on the amp draw you ask it to use, internally they get hot and shut down.
    These motors have now been replaced by the newer M9253F
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    I can assure you that this has nothing to do with the incoming water temperature. The seals on the pump are rated for water up to 140 degrees F. The water does not come near or pass through the electric motor.
    The only other contributing issue is the ambient air temperature inside the motor box (under the hood) Most electric motors have a built in internal temperature setting between 175 and 195 degrees F. Once the inside of the motor reaches this temperature, the motor will turn off. After you let it cool down, it will start working again. I suggest you purchase a new motor. I also would suggest you purchase a new cam bearing as the original one might be difficult to transfer from the old motor to the new motor. You also might notice this newer design has a built in cooling fan to resolve this temperature issue. This does make the motor an inch longer than the original M53 model. The other thing as these are marketed as 500 psi pumps but I personally think you only want to use the pump at 450 psi. This will help reduce the amp draw and internal heat and add lots of life to your new motor.

    I have also seen some machines that should some type of internal motor box fan installed. This is true with some of the Powrflite and CFR machines. Please visit

    These ultra low amp draw fans can be installed with additional grills to purchase the cool air through the motor box.
    In the past we have installed these on Powrflite and CFR machines to resolve the shut down issue.

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