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custom alter my Shurflo 8095-901-890

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  • custom alter my Shurflo 8095-901-890

    Question: Hi,
    I would like install a replacement pressure switch for Shurflo (94-375-20) on my shurflo pump.
    Anyway this pump don't have it. It's the model 8095-901-890, 1.2 GPM, 9.3bar (135psi) and it's working on 230V alternative.
    It's possible to up grade this pump with it? If yes, Can you ship to France?
    Best regards

    Answer: I do not think it is OK to do what you ask. "Open flow" pumps need to be operated open flow. If you tried this it would have to be an experiment you perform on your own with the understanding that if breaks either the pump or the switch at your own risk. OK, now with the legal garbage said, it is possible (I expect 50% possibility that it will work)
    Yes we ship to France with the US Post office.

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