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DDP 5800 [58-ELK-170] Wiring Diagram

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  • DDP 5800 [58-ELK-170] Wiring Diagram

    Can anyone provide some 120v wiring instructions for the DDP 5800 [58-ELK-170] I just received?
    Note image at which shows two black wires from and to itself. Green ground not displayed but I get that one.
    Where/how exactly do I add the power black, white, from my 110 cord to the pump????

    Thanks for the help,
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    Is my pump new or used?

    Question: I received the Aquatec DDP 5800 [58-ELK-170] water pump I ordered just fine.
    However, I just received the pump in an empty box, no papers, wiring
    diagrams, or manuals, and no plugs in the pipe fittings. Is probably a new
    unit but the packaging doesn't indicate to me that it is.
    I have installed but need to confirm wiring 110 configuration.
    Do I cut the two wires from the pressure switch and connect either to
    Can you please respond?

    Answer: We receive pumps on a pallet. We have to box them as no boxes, papers, service manual,... are included from the factories.
    The factory does not include dust plug, plastic bags, bubble wrap and any other packaging.
    I am amazed about how many times customer think pumps are used (so you are not alone). I always wonder where would 1000 used pumps come from anyway?
    If your pump was broken, would you spend $15 to ship it to me? How would do such a thing? If we had a pump core charge, or a program to receive used pumps back, don't you think you would have received an offer from us for us to purchase your used pump, or at least see a web page on our site to show both options of purchasing both new and refurbished?
    All pumps are brand new and do not come in a fancy retail looking box. They will be shipped in a plain brown cardboard box since we have to come up with our own packaging.
    Wiring is standard in the USA 110-120 volt configuration as you should hook black to black (hot), white to white (neutral), green to green (ground).

    There is only one wire to the pressure switch (black / hot) wire. The flow of electricity is from your on/off switch, then to the pump pressure switch, leaves the pressure switch and then travels to the motor. The electricity then leaves the motor out to the black wire that is hooked to the rear of the motor. I do not think this involves any 'cutting.'

    Please note in the world of the internet being on everybody's phone, no factory provides owners manuals as you are expected to go to the factory website for tech support. We sell for hundreds of factories and almost all of them, no longer offer to print or pay for owners manuals. This is to be 'green' and save the paper, trees, and cost. If the factory is not even going to provide dealers boxes, why would they offer to supply an owners manual? I expect that over 90% of pump sales are installed in brand new machines and not sold as replacement parts. If I was a sprayer factory or a carpet cleaning machine factory, why would I need a retail box or an owner's manual as we would throw away such material.
    Thanks for your order.

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      Wiring for DDP 5800 [58-ELK-170]

      I noted a number of other users in the forums with EXACTLY the same questions and observations so I am posting my experience and results for their use.

      PUMP arrived with two BLACK wires from base of pump housing and one green wire (ground) attached to the bottom. Wires loose rather than one connected to the pressure switch.

      The wiring that worked for me is to treat EITHER of the black wires from the bottom of the pump housing as a WHITE (common), wire. In my case I cut one of the black wires near its included connector and wire nutted it to MY white input wire. The other black wire from the pump housing I used its connector to connect to the bottom plug of the pressure switch on the top of the pump. I made a separate connector wire I wire nutted one end from MY BLACK, (power), wire that I then plugged into the TOP of the pressure switch. I wire nutted the green ground wire from the pump to MY GREEN ground wire. Of course you may have a switch block you could plug everything into but the same process can be used.
      I ALSO had to screw the hex pump pressure adjustment screw down a couple of turns, (make sure its the hex in the pump top itself BESIDE the pressure switch electrical and not the hex nut in the small circular opening nearest the electrical), to get enough pressure out of the pump for the two nozzles on my wand. I didn't have pressure gage handy to confirm the pressure, which would be preferable, but just visually set pressure out of my wand to suit me. I removed my nozzles and cleaned the screens thoroughly after flushing lines so everything flowing smooth.

      Since Steambrite DID NOT include any manual, installation documentation, or any paper work at all. And, since their site DID NOT have a PDF manual or guide, and it took 3 emails and a few days to even get a vague wiring suggestion. The image of the pump on the Steambrite site clearly shows the two black wires from the pump housing plugged back into itself at the two pressure switch receptacles and doesn't show the ground wire at all. The user is left to assume that the pump must work by magic getting and giving power to itself. Must be one of those new wireless units???
      My pump arrived in a plain bare cardboard wrapping in an unlabeled cardboard box without any dust covers in the pipe fittings though they are clearly displayed in the Steambrite image. In my 60 years of experience with such things these kinds of dust plugs are important in order to keep debris from entering the pump housing and possibly destroying the pump on the initial use. They are also somewhat of an indicator of a professional, new, factory item. Their excuse was that they get their pumps on a bulk pallet and just can't be bothered by such mundane needs as simple pump protection during transport nor bothered by including any professional installation guides. They are just too busy and important for such things.
      I'm quite satisfied with the Aquatec pump now that pump seems to work, but very unsatisfied with unprofessional packaging and the complete lack of documentation or installation guides either in the box or available on the Steambrite site, and very unsatisfied with the attitude of Steambrite toward resolving a simple request for installation documentation. Getting the pump confidently set up took far more time than necessary and a lot more interaction than reasonable for this simple process. I would likely NOT purchase from nor recommend Steambrite again. IF they choose to delete my message from the forums I will repost it elsewhere. Good luck on your results.


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        Aquatec pump boxes

        I am glad you got you pump to work.

        Please note nobody else has ever asked how to hook up a 3 wire 150 volt Aquatec pump before. The reason you see the above post is because you emailed the question so we always post the emailed questions and answers so hopefully other customers do not have to ask the same question. All the post are from you and nobody else. In the earlier post states to hook the white wire to your white wire. I then put my hand on a pump and noted that both the wires from the motor are black so one wire would have to be treated as a white wire. The non-switched wire is the wire to use as a white wire.

        I am not clear on your statement "very unsatisfied with unprofessional packaging and the complete lack of documentation or installation guides either in the box or available on the Steambrite site, and very unsatisfied with the attitude of Steambrite toward resolving a simple request for installation documentation." as how can we provide the fancy retail box, the documentation, installation guides when they are not provided by the factory? We double box water pumps to prevent shipping damage. What attitude? You sent the email and we simply responded. It is not like we blow off the email, rather we posted the questions and answers for all to see. I am sorry you are having a bad day but glade you figured out your installation. If anybody else has the same issue/ questions we will make a video showing how to hook each wire up.
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