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Pumptec Enduraguard, What is this and how important is this coating?

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  • Pumptec Enduraguard, What is this and how important is this coating?

    A special coating called Enduraguard, is more resistant to harsh chemicals. Pumptec has eliminated the use of this coating in the last year.

    The problem with this coating is that number one you have to purchase 300 pump heads per order to get this coating and number two the plating company has a nearly 50% failure rate on the process. With this type of failure rate they increase the price every time we order. By the time the pumps are sent to the platers we have already committed the customer by purchase order for 300 heads which means we have to order 450 to cover the failures and to keep our customer happy. There is only one plater in the US that will apply this coating to our pumps, tolerances are too close for any other companies to risk their reputations on.

    Acid rinses are still a big deal in Europe, an acid rinse is used on nearly every job. I don’t know any cleaners on the U.S that do acid rinses as a standard cleaning step, only a restoration of damaged carpet from brown out. The citrus based solvents and presprays are typically not ran through the pumps anymore, they are pre-applied.

    Pumptec does manufacture a pump that is truly made for acid. It is a 114 series poly pump with hastelloy valves and a ceramic plunger. The pump performs up t 200 PSI or up to 1.5 GPM.

    All other pumptec pumps are anodized on both the inside and out for general protection.
    Pumptec can be purchased here