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Clean Storm 12-3300-H Warranty clarification

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  • Clean Storm 12-3300-H Warranty clarification

    Clean Storm 12-3300-H Warranty clarification. Invoice 24499
    Please re-read the webpage in which the unit was purchased at
    The paperwork on the inside of the box is different than the webpage as it states 2 years on the water pump.
    In the past, we have already asked the factory, Sandia Plastics to clarify the difference. The answer, if the machine has an Aquatec, Shurflo, Flojet pump installed, 2 year pump warranty, if a Pumptec branded pump 1 year. The machine you have purchase is one year as stated as such on that web page. Your extended warranty would covers years 2 and 3 but does not cover maintenance or abuse. Pumptec warranty is listed at note the date of the purchase was 1/27/14 so the extended warranty protection would end on 1/26/17.
    Please note that the most common issue with the pump is customer turn it up too far and burn out the motor. Please note the pump head will push more than 300 psi, the pressure adjustment knob will turn up past 300, and the pressure gauge reads more than 300 but the electric motor will burn up if you turn up past 300 psi. Is is OK to purchase car with a top end speed of 140 mph and then only drive it on the race track at 140 mph full time. Or would the car last longer if you drove it at 70 mph? 300 psi system should only be operated at 270 psi to ensure longevity. The replacement pump is located at
    At this point neither the extended warranty company of the factory will cover the replacement of your water pump since your invoice is over 3 years old. Depending on the symptoms you are having, you might just need to rebuild the pressure regulator.

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    Extended warranty clarification

    Answer: Thank for the clarification as I was not privy to current information about the reason for the call. I am sorry you are having an issue with your machine.
    The CPS warranty starts on the day after the first item(s) fall off warranty. CPS does not piecemeal the warranty. Once day 366 shows up and the extended warranty starts, it starts and has an assigned end date. This is true will all extended warranties as an industry norm. For example if you purchase a car with a 36 month bumper to bumper warranty that includes a factory 75,000 mile powertrain warranty, then purchase a 72 month bumper to bumper warranty that includes a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, it is not adding the 100,000 miles on top of the 75,000 mile factory warranty it is all inclusive. The complete extended warranty expires when any of the first items expire. It expires at 100,000 miles, it expires at 72 months, whatever happens first. I am sure that a lot of customers would love to argure that they have either unused miles or unused months left when either of those run over and expire. Sadly it kills both side of the warranty. In your case if the water pump expires at 3 years, then the entire contract expires. If you need to purchase an replacement vacuum motor we are selling them at our cost at