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Mytee 7304 Power Sprayer Questions and Answers

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  • Mytee 7304 Power Sprayer Questions and Answers

    Question: Is the auto fill pressure feed / direct connect or suction feed / water just falls into the tank?
    Answer: This is a suction feed water pump. The included black hose on top of the machine is one you just manually hold over the faucet aerator and turn on the hot water to fill up the tank. Please note that means your 'use pressure' might not be as high as your 'standby pressure.'

    Question: Does the machine offer chemical injection?
    Answer: Originally No, but the 2021 and later version do. Yes You can add a formulated rinse aid into the fresh water tank each time you fill it up or use the on board chemical injection system.

    Question: Can I add my carpet or tile cleaning chemicals right to the tank?
    Answer: Both yes and no. It is not OK to add a high pH product into the tank/pump without rinsing it out when finished. Second, formulated rinse aids can be added to the fresh tank but do not add more than 1/2 oz per gallon of water. If you mix it too strong, this can pit the inside of the aluminum pump head.

    Question: What is the maximum temperature of the water I can place inside of the fresh water tank?
    Answer: 140 degrees F. If you use hotter water than 140 degrees F will shorten the live of the pump head seals as well as the auto fill float and the pressure regulator / unloader.

    Question: Can I place a bucket heater inside the fresh water tank to boost the water temperature?
    Answer: NO, please do not do this. Bucket heaters have to remain submerged to prevent them from breaking so as you use the water out of the tank, and the water level falls, the temperature can go over 140 degrees and ruin the pump and bucket heater at the same time!

    Question: Can this machine be converted from suction feed to pressure feed?
    Answer: Yes, but if you want to do this why not just purchase the pressure feed version to begin with?

    Question: What are the other advantages or disadvantages of suction feed pump VS pressure feed pump?
    Answer: Suction feed requires vacuum priming to remove the air
    Pressure feeding does not.
    Suction feed 'use' pressure is about 75 psi lower that the same pump and wand at the same building as pressure feed pump.
    Suction feeding the pump shortens the life of the pump seals, pressure feeding the pump extends the lift of pump seals.
    The final cleaning temperature is about 10 degrees colder with suction feeding over pressure feeding as the water sits in the fresh tank.
    The water molecule vibration is almost 50% more with pressure feed over suction feed.
    Suction feeding offer chemical injection, pressure feeding does not.
    Suction feed pumps cost more, pressure feed pumps cost less.

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