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How to upgrade the Ninja Warrior from 200 psi to 500 psi

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  • How to upgrade the Ninja Warrior from 200 psi to 500 psi

    Question: What would be the pump that goes with the dual 2 stage Ninja Warrior Carpet cleaning machine?
    Sorry I believe I may not have specific or there a cross in what I would like.
    Which 500 psi pump is the one for warrior
    Also how hard is it to swap a 200 psi pump in warrior to a 500 psi pump
    Is there anything besides a general pump swap out

    Answer: You would have to purchase Pumptec 80657
    and Pumptec 81275
    At today's prices this is $601.25 + shipping.
    There are a couple of different 200 psi pumps on the market and depending on the current brand installed under the hood, this will change how easy the upgrade will be.
    If the current pump is already a Pumptec brand, the installation would be easy. If an Aquatec brand you will also need bulkhead fittings 28301

    This takes the returning water from the pressure regulator and returns it back to the fresh water tank.

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