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General Pump EZ Pump 44 Series Plunger Guide Improvements

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  • General Pump EZ Pump 44 Series Plunger Guide Improvements

    EZ Pump (44 Series) Plunger / Guide Improvement
    General Pump is pleased to announce the improvement of plunger and plunger guide arrangement for EZ Pumps.

    During the 3rd quarter, 2021 all versions of the 44 Series pumps (“EZ” prefix) will be converted to new and improved ceramic plungers, plunger guides, and improved retention method. The new style plungers are made 100% from ceramic, which is resistant to flaking caused by thermal changes or
    “run-dry” situations. Furthermore, the plungers are now retained via a bolt versus nut-on-stud. This improvement prevents water from penetrating the plunger, which can lead to freeze cracks.

    Pump performance, weight and dimensions remain unchanged. Pumps seals and repair kits are also unchanged. Existing coated plungers will be available until inventory supplies are exhausted. The new plunger and guide assembly can be retrofitted to current pumps by replacing all components shown below. Pump version will be tracked via Date Code on pump; however, simple identification can be completed visually by observing if the plunger is White (new) or Dark Gray (old) from the underside of the pump.