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Auto dump on carpet cleaning machine not working

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  • Auto dump on carpet cleaning machine not working

    Auto dump is not working.
    #1 all auto pump out systems require you to pre-filter the incoming water. This is usually done with a hose mount filter system like an AC10Clean or Mytee F200 or similar.
    These filters have to be cleaned after every job. You will also have to open up the vacuum waste tank and rinse out the tank with a garden hose after each job.
    If the auto dump system work on a float donut on a vertical shaft, like on the Sandai, Clean Storm, Goliath, and some Hydroforce and Mytee extractors, these pumps only dump water and not foam or suds. If you fill up the tank with foam, the foam never auto dumps and will just continue to get sucked into the vacuum motors and blow out the machine. Please use defoamer. Also the donut float has to ride up the vertical arm before it lifts the arm to turn on the auto dump pump. These systems work best if you take a piece of short ¼” ID tubing or hose, say about 3 inches, and slice lengthwise down the tube. Place over the vertical shaft and plastic zip/cable tie in place. This way the donut float cannot ride up the vertical shaft but raises the arm that turns on the dump pump right away. This allow for more suds and less water before it turns on.
    Other times a non working auto dump can be from now power supplied to the pump. If it is a Goliath Series, please reset the GFCI breaker on the front panel. Other machine you can take your multimeter and test the rocker switch and float switch and make sure the current passes all the way though these switches.

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  • #2
    Question: We have 2 of your clean storm machines model 12-6500-AFAD
    I am having issues with the auto dump on both machines and auto fill on the other
    1st machine:
    · when the waste tank gets full I can hear the pump is activated (humming noise) but it does not pump out, it just buzzes, nothing else happens
    · Autofill here working OK

    Second machine:
    · Auto fill is not working, when the clip is pulled down (empty tank) no fresh water is released from the quick connect fresh water supply
    · When the waste tank gets full and float valve is pushed up – nothing happens, pump does not turn on or make any noise or sign that its working
    Any help would be appreciated troubleshooting these??

    Answer: The Clean Storm AFAD units need to that the waste tank and pump cleaned. Usually if it is humming, it simply try to turn and you have too much dried mud or hair wrapped around the pump impeller. Please always use the included hose mount filter and rinse the machine out after each job. If you do not, the mud and hair dries and make it hard for the impeller to turn. Once clean, usually these pumps will simply start working again. There is also a priming hole that has to cleaned. This designed to push out air when the unit first starts up if their was any air under the pump after the last job. This is a tiny 1/8” hole in the housing. If full of dried mud, pump will never prime and start working.

    The auto fill magnet system would have to be replaced.