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Mytee Escape Pump not buiding good pressure or flow, What are the causes?

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  • Mytee Escape Pump not buiding good pressure or flow, What are the causes?

    I watched the video

    you sent to me and see that the chemical injection is trying to work and expect it will once the Mytee pump works with the correct pressure and volume.
    I see you tried to vacuum prime the pump and it did not work.
    Please confirm the pump you have under the hood.
    I think it is a Pumptec 356u
    These pumps do not prime very easily so you have to make sure all your filters are clean.
    Check the bottom of the fresh water tank as will as the in line filter under the hood. Both need to be cleaned.
    Some regulators have pistons in them that have to be lubricated every 500 hours.
    See link and video at
    if it is not rebuildable the regulator will have to be replaced.
    Pumptec states there pump head have to be rebuild every 500 hours.
    I just prefer to replace the pump head from the link above that rebuild the pump as they seam to last longer than a rebuild does.
    You symptoms can be caused from a leak in the system. Please note this is a suction feed design instead of a pressure feed design. In other words, when you squeeze the trigger on the cleaning tool, the pump has to go and suck the water up to the pump head. This is much harder to do than pressure feed systems where the garden hose pressure is force feeding the pump with 75psi building pressure.
    You might consider re-designing you machine or converting it from suction feed to pressure feed. The pumps last over 5 times longer and offer 75psi more ‘use’ pressure over suction feed pumps that use the same amount of electrical energy. The conversion will make you loose the chemical injection option.
    So if you have a microscopic air leak between the fresh water tank, and the pump head, the machine will never build pressure since the path of least resistance is by air that by water.
    Summary: Most likely issue, dirty filters, air leak on the filter under the hood, pressure regulator (replacement or lubrication), change or rebuild pump head.
    You will have to re-vacuum prime after each improvement to see if the pump volume and pressure has been restored.
    Unlikely issues but still possible: Quick disconnects need to be replaced, you have a vacuum leak behind the chemical injector Dwyer meter, you have a loose water connection under the hood creating a vacuum lose during prime.
    To fix non leaking hose connections that might be allowing your machine to suck air, use liquid electrical tape to ****t over all the joints and allow to dry. As the pump tries to suck air, this liquid electrical tape will stop this air leak.