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How do I easy start my 1200 psi pump?

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  • How do I easy start my 1200 psi pump?

    You want to un-screw (counter -clockwise turn the pressure adjustment knob) to turn down the pressure for start up.
    Always bleed out any air in the system before you turn on the pump (by squeezing the trigger)
    Always have water flowing through the unit when you turn the unit on (trigger the gun while you turn the pump on)
    Make sure that you do not have any kinks in the supply hose and the garden hose inlet filter is clean.
    After the machine is up and running, turn the pressure up to the pressure you want to clean at. Please note the size of the jet dictate the maximum pressure you can clean at. The bigger the jets the less the pressure it will push in use. Do not turn the pressure past 1200 psi when you do not have the trigger squeezed.
    Do not use on an extension cord. Plug directly into the wall.
    Do not use the pump in the sun, this will cause the motor to get hot and turn off for a while.