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Truckmount chemical injection

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  • Truckmount chemical injection

    Truckmount chemical injection:
    There are 5 different types of chemical injection on truckmounts.
    1. Last step. Involves mounting a chemical pulse pump on the head of the standard truckmount pump. As the piston on the truckmount pump goes up and back it causes the diaphragm pump to flex back and forth. The unit will have a series of check valves on it to force the liquid into the water flow. Usually after the heat exchanger. Commonly used on Prochem, White Magic, and HydraMaster

    2. Watts regulator injection. A up stream injector head is mounted on one cylinder of the truckmount water pump. The watts regulator starves the pump for water so it looks for a second source. Commonly used on Scout, Hornet, Dragon truckmounts.

    3. Check valve injection. A low psi check valve is installed on the chemical injection and a slightly higher check valve is installed in the fresh water side. The water will flow in the path of least resistance so it will always fee the pump fromt he chemical meter side first and the fresh water second. This system only supposed work when you are sucking for a tank but we installed a watts regulator on a garden hose and it worked too! Commonly used on SteamWay, and El Diablo Truckmounts

    4. Install an up stream injector. No truckmount manufacture uses this, but it would be possible to use it. This system cannot be used on water box configurations. It is estimated that it shortens the life of the pump because it makes the pump starve for water too aggressively. It has to be adjusted at each job site because the in coming water pressure varies from site to site.

    5. Inject the chemical in the fresh water tank as you fill the fresh tank with a Dema tank proportioner. Commonly used on some of our Stainless truckmounts

    My personal favorite is #3 then #2, then #5. Fewer parts and less things to break.

    Chemical pulse pumps
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